Images. Design. Media. Were my bread & butter since the millennium. As a designer, working with visual art is second nature to me.

2015. Unexpectedly threw my career in a new direction. Designing learning materials in Saudi Arabia, suddenly alone in an entirely alien world. With time to meditate on the essence of what it means to be. 

I undertook a new project. For the first time I had space, freedom and the resources to create art for art’s sake. This website is a story of the development of my concepts and ideas that started with the desert. The burning sun. And the industrial landscape that has grown around free energy in the Eastern state. 

I’d like to thank the people I met there. From Norway to the Philippines, The community there made it an enriching experience. Of course, you’ll see it if you ever visit me in my office or an online call, I’m still developing my ideas and working with sand, paint, metallic tones. Just back in Germany, the layers don’t dry so fast..