Learning Experience Design

And not forgetting the rest of it..

The time has come to look for a new challenge. After COVID the world of work has changed. And the eLearning industry is in the front line of this change.

The first thing to recognise is how much social acceptance of technology has changed. In the past year, online meetings changed from being a far inferior compromise, just to be used when actually meeting people was impossible, to being a standard part of everyone's vocabulary and working life. Distributed ways of working, that were available to maybe a few innovators, are suddenly looking possible across the board.

As one of us, experienced in the Online World of Education Design, I feel it is our duty to step up here, now. In some ways it is what we have been predicting all along. We need to step up and show the world that we are ready for it!

And what do I mean by 'The rest of it'? - I recognise that working in eLearning is not all about designing the best learning experiences. There's the LMS, there's User Support, there's managing and filming live events, cutting and processing the films. Dealing with course accreditation, certificates and learner achievements. A hundred smaller tasks that occupy the daily life of an eLearning Expert. These are all just as important as designing great courses, as the learner experience is complemented when everything is done right.

Learning Experience Design