City Uni Projects

SAAD Medical Centre

In the basement of City University London is a multimillion pound training centre, containing some fantastic state of the art equipment. It’s only once prospective students or other clients get there that they can see how great it is. Leaflets or films hardly do it justice. 

I was asked to develop a way to show the centre online. My proposal, built using Flash and AS3, allowed the user to virtually move from room to room, exploring what equipment or scenarios were in that room – This solution owed a lot to gaming ideas. This also allowed us to embed information videos, .pdf documents with the specifications of the medical equipment and more. 


Animations Playlist (youTube) – Click to visit

Tackling a lack of Student Engagement with the online parts of our courses – many students had taken our module as an ‘add on’ option – and the fact that that is wasn’t contributing to their final grades meant that we had to find other ways to motivate them to get involved with our course. 

I developed a series of animations that accompanied each of the 10 course units, each one highlighting a theme that was covered in that unit in an entertaining way. This was my first attempt at screenwriting, I think it went quite well.. 

The Characters:

Sue: The programme manager

Jim: An arts student – Initially sceptical about Entrepreneurship. Thinks he knows it all

Raj: A very enthusiastic business student

Lucy: The sensible one – and love interest..