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Eyes & Lips

Where it started. White walls to fill. This is Saudi. There’s no art shops. Depictions of the human form are officially banned. Which motivated me to try. Honestly, I thought I needed some images of the female form, just to remember what they look like. 6 months into my stay, and I’ve become accustomed to …

The Camel

An evening headed to the desert to capture the sunset. Unexpected visitors in the form of a heard of camels. So unconcerned, they totally belong in the desert, but if they give the slightest thought to the industrial complex around them, who could tell? Working with latex paints and cardboard boxes was my initiation. Mounted …

About Industrial

I’ve been working up to this painting for some time. It’s not pure abstraction, but a real scene, combined with the fire, smoke, dust, beauty and colour I saw in my time in the Eastern State. You don’t believe me, perhaps? Here’s a mood board for my influences.