What Skills do I use in my work?

In my 20 years of study and work in design, creating effective learning materials and the virtual world, I have learnt about all of these tools and technologies, and they continue to have an influence on my work.

  • Layout
  • Typography
  • Colour psychology
  • History of Art
  • Design, Graphic Design, Computer graphic design
  • Photography / Photoshop
  • Vector drawing programmes
  • File transfer formats and how they work: jpeg, mpeg, mp3, video codecs…
  • Powerpoint, and extensions. The Office suite
  • Rapid E-learning Development environments: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate
  • Programming elements, JavaScript, SCORM compatibility
  • Animation with various tools including Flash
  • Film editing and processing using Final Cut pro and other Video editors.
  • 3D environments and film production using virtual environments
  • Storyboarding, scene direction, media
  • Sound editing, compression, timing
  • User feedback gathering techniques including eye-tracking and observation
  • Writing in plain and simple international English. Freelance proofreader
  • Competent voiceover artist. Clear and accent-free speaking voice

Plus there are these MOOC certifications via


  • Camera Control
  • TitleCreative Writing: The Craft of Plot
  • Philosophy and the Sciences: Introduction to the Philosophy of Physical Sciences
  • Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production
  • Philosophy and the Sciences: Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Sciences
  • Cameras, Exposure, and Photography
  • Serious Gaming by Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Magic in the Middle Ages
  • Emoderation Training
  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness